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Weird Advice from the MTT simulator (2 of 8)


In this hand, we have the same 26 BB, but the UtG shoved for just 10 BB. His range can be wide here as some players will shove wider prior to their BB when short (even more so online). (The advice box is covering the other 2 players, so assume they have 30 BB.)

Why wouldn't you shove to ISO here? Reviewing our 3 options:

  1. Folding - Seems insane with 99 here?
  2. Flat call - Then you just put in 40% of your stack to then fold to a shove from another stack or play OOP if there is another caller?
  3. Raise - When called, you are ok against non-paired ranges, and ISO the 10 BB stack some % of the time to boot. If you are going to call if someone else shove's shouldn't you try and be the aggressor and maybe dissuade that squeeze with 99 (vs. say AA)?

I was surprised to see 100% advisors calling.


  • 1warlock
    edited September 2018

    This is a tough spot. I agree that UTG shoving range is very wide at 10BB and antes in play. He is out of hands as the blinds are about to eat the rest of his stack up. I could see shoving close to a 50% range here.

    Now, 99 is strong but doesn't play well postflop and your position stinks. Including the UTG shove, there is an 18% chance someone at the table has a higher pair. If you see a flop, there is a nearly 80% chance of an overcard hitting and that goes up to 93% by the river. I don't want to play this hand postflop given those numbers for 35% of my stack. You have no room to make an iso-raise that isn't a shove so the decision comes down to fold or shove for me.

    I can find valid reasons for folding or shoving over to isolate but I can't see the logic to advise a flat-call here. My biggest concern is with the SB, who may shove a very liberal range with 12BB and a chance to triple up. 99 is going to be tough to hold vs 2 hands and therefore I may lean towards folding from this position. I'd have to think about how the table was playing and whether I had a skill advantage or not.

    I do not like the advice from the advisors in general and even less so in tournaments. I wouldn't pay much attention to it at all - only to see whatever reasoning they are using with the Brain function.

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