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Three hands -- evaluation

edited September 2018 in Specific Hand Questions

1) Unknown opponents, presumably decent skill level
6-max cash, 80+ BB effective

AQo in CO

HJ bets 3x
CO (me) raise to 8x
HJ All-in (80+ BB)

Yes, I folded.

Reviewed hand: HJ had 88

2) Near beginning of super-turbo tournament (6-Max)
10/20, ~500 stacks (plus some winnings)

Ac2h in BB

CO raises to 40 (min raise)
SB calls
I call in BB
Pot 120

Flop A4T, two spades
SB 20 (min bet)
I raise in BB to 100
CO calls, SB calls
Pot 420 (?)

This was part bluff and part value -- with 3 minute blinds, you really kind of have to make moves at some point.

Turn 5d (As4hTs5d)
SB checks
I check (BB)
CO all-in (430)

Yes, I folded

3) 6-max cash, 50 BB effective
In SB with QsTh

Button calls
SB (me) raise to 4x
Button calls
Pot 6 BB

Flop 33T, two clubs
SB (me) bet 4 BB
Button calls
Pot 14 BB

Turn Qd (33TQ)
Checks all around

River 7d (33TQ7)
SB (me) Bet 12 BB
Button raise all-in
I called (22 BB more)

Showdown my QT beats AQ

I don't know if I would have called this at 100 BB effective.
Note that we both slowplayed the Q pairing the turn.

Any comments?


  • columbo

    I guess I would like to hear some of your logic in each hand:
    1. Why are you 3 betting AQo here? Is it because you think you are ahead of his range? Then its an easy fold.
    2. Super Turbos... Why are you raising? Do you suppose the SB is betting a T? CO calls then shoves turn? you think he can do that without an Ace? Why would he? Seems like a fold.
    3. River, what is the question, you are never folding here. What are you afraid of?

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