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Multiway limped preflop (66)

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Super turbo tournament -- 500 stack, 10/20 blinds to start (3 min levels)
6 max

In BB with 66 very early -- all stacks ~500

4 limpers to me (20 each -- pot = 100 counting my BB)



  • 1warlock

    Check your option. At 25BB you don't have room to raise and make it profitable. If you shove, you will be called by at least 1 player if not 2. Be happy for the free peek at a flop with a hand that can do massive damage. If you hit the set, do not slowplay it, fire pot+ with the intention of calling a jam and get the rest of it in on almost any turn.

  • think

    I shoved and didn't get called. I figured, a) everyone folds, or b) I'm 55/45 to be playing with a double stack plus 10%, which is most of the way to an ITM finish (considering the super-fast format). And if someone calls with 22-55 or Ax/Kx (with "x" 6 or lower), my percentages are even better.

    I don't think 77+ is anywhere in the mix -- I mean, someone could slowplay AA or limp 77/88 maybe, but that's not a lot of range.

    But I still had second thoughts. I hear you on the "check and set mine" thing. Would you slowplay on a dry/unconnected board or really just be looking to stack off someone with high pair/two pair by firing right away?

  • 1warlock

    Nice move and nice result! I'm shocked you didn't get at least 1 call. Those hyper-turbos can get wild. Then again, this type of game is not my specialty by a long shot so my advice may be wrong for the format.

    As to my line, I'm looking to hit a set and get my stack in or the hand is pretty much over if anyone else shows interest. I'm not slowplaying sets multiway. Can't fool around with stacks that short and all sorts of turns and rivers make your life harder. Thin the field immediately if you can and plan on stacking off HU to almost any runout. More cautious if a really wet board but still going to be hard to fold a set when this short.

  • columbo

    Can you ever fold when levels are 3 min (maybe even just 1 hand)? I have a theory that the best way to play these is to shove every single hand. If you won the first 3 times you were called, you could then weather quite a storm of variance.

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