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Is there a statistic(s) that indicates how well a player responds to bluff attempts, executes bluffs, etc. In addition, does bluffing, whether successful or not, result in a lowered Poker IQ. When one successfully bluffs, they are putting money in the pot that they should not be, if all of the cards were face up. So does this lower IQ?


  • apt_gs

    My guess? I suspect that a successful bluff actually increases IQ because your opponent(s) folded when they should have called if all of the cards were face up.

  • AllenBlay

    apt_gs is correct. The IQ is based on how often you make your opponent make a mistake vs. how often you make mistakes - and is weighted based on the severity, etc. So making a good bluff and getting your opponent to fold a better hand would be great for your IQ score (and your profitability!).

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