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Ignition Hand Histories -- analysis


Ignition anonymizes play -- at a table, there are no avatars or screen names, just "1"-"6" or "9" or whatever.

But the hand histories are available for download after 24 hours, with all info including all hole cards (yours and opponents).

My question is, what is the best analyzer for these? I'd like to plug in my friend's hand histories and be able to analyze the data for leaks -- what are his HUD stats, which holdings are played well/poorly over time, etc. Is anyone doing this for Ignition/Bovada? I could use some kind of step-by-step as to which analyzer(s) to get and use. I am on a Mac but have access to PC's.


  • 1warlock
    edited September 2018

    You'll need to use the PC or it becomes way too complex (you have to use 3rd party software). Get Poker Tracker 4 and the free "hand grabber" tool. The hand grabber is brand new and makes the process very easy for the 1st time. That's all you'll need to be able to capture the hand and export them into PT4 for analysis. You will be able to use the HUD as well, even with anonymous players. Its only short-term for the session but if you play long enough sessions, stats like VPIP, PFR and %3-bets are very useful. It will also allow you to keep track of the players at your table with the hand counter function. This will let you know if the player 2 at your table is the same guy who has been spewing chips for an hour or if he was replaced by someone new.

    Here is the link to the install and configure instructions:

    BTW, well done in recognizing how valuable a players data is.

  • SteveBlay

    A HUD will not do you much good on Ignition, because not only is it anonymous but the vast majority of people are playing "zone" poker (a.k.a. zoom poker, rush poker) so on every single hand Player "1" is a different player.

    To get hand histories with opponent's hole cards (after 24 hours) into PT4, you will need a converter, as PT4 does not support Ignition natively. There is a simple inexpensive one available (just google it).

    "or so I've heard", this is not my personal endorsement or recommendation of any product/service/etc.

  • think

    I wonder if there would be an entirely different set of stats on hand data that included hole card information.

    The "Poker IQ" thing is kind of like that -- it's pretty much "you put your money in at an advantage, so you get a higher IQ," right? This stat doesn't happen without full knowledge of hole cards.

    But something like "Fold to c-bet" -- I mean, that includes every situation. Would there be a "Float c-bet light" stat (here, meaning, at a disadvantage)? If you could analyze a population for these stats, you'd have "actionable intelligence" -- it doesn't have to be right all the time. It's still a game of incomplete information.

    I'm still trying to figure out how much "groupthink" is happening on Ignition, and which times of days are best to play. I mean, when my friend plays...

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