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Premium Draw Questionable?


On the turn I only needed to call 132 on a pot of 654, including V's all-in bet. When I made the call I had estimated that I had 30 percent equity in the pot, but was being offered nearly 5:1 odds. My 30 percent estimate was based on 15 outs with one card to come. He had a few KXh hands that discounted my draws.

The Flopzilla analysis shown below seems to confirm my estimate. On the right-hand side of the images you can see "Equity hand" was over 30 percent for each case.

Yet the APT session analysis labeled this hand, "Questionable call - turn."

I've lost considerable money playing these draws for money. So I'm not ready to dismiss this "Questionable" label. Maybe there's some concept I don't understand that causes a big leak in my game?

Why would this call be labeled "Questionable" when I had correct calling odds? Did I actually have correct calling odds?


  • highfive
    Hugely profitable call. Your equity increased on the turn. Keep making those and the long run is profitable for you. The adviser is just wrong here.
    With the huge check raise maybe the bot was anticipating V to be stronger. If V has a set, hero has fewer outs than it appears.

    Take different lines occasionally.
    1. 4bet /fold pre
    2. Checkback to take the free card and pot control. ( the flop smashes 3bettor's range)

    You played it fine overall. The cards just didnt come.
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