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What do the stars mean

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In "My weekly training plan"?

If I have a 1 star leak is that a dribble while a 5 star leak is a gusher?

Just curious.....



  • think
    edited August 2017

    It's probably a "1-star leak" means "you're making errors a solid player makes after 1 beer," but a "5-star leak" means you're playing like you're almost done with the six pack...

    Or maybe that's the new "player rating" scale:
    "Synth, your player rating is:
    Snifter of vermouth at happy hour after work!

    Think, your player rating is:
    70's rocker off the wagon and on an all night bender!"

  • AllenBlay

    1 star means it really isn't that big a deal, but 5 star means it will cost you a ton of money. The more stars there are, the more important it is - and the more you are playing like you've been drinking as think says lol.

  • synthesists

    Thank you both for enlightening me.

    I do concentrate on the 4 and 5 star leaks (perhaps 500 hands as opposed to the 50 suggested). I think the RAPID immersion works great.

    Warm regards,

    Corey "synthesist" Gimbel

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