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Sets are great, mostly.

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Just in case @cupcake feels lonely, have a giggle.


  • 1warlock

    Oops. Dirty river. You're only behind to KK and only slightly worried about AdKd. You wanted stacks in on the river so the turn raise was totally fine. Sometimes 2-outers hit but getting your money in as a 20:1 favorite is never a bad thing.

  • cupcake

    @highfive I so would have played that the way you did! I think @warlock summed it up perfectly. Thanks for posting and I did get a giggle at your and my expense! I am 5 buy-ins down at Sahara. Slowly getting out of the hole. I have backed off of getting myself into so many complicated situations. I really respect good LAG play but man you can get BURNED. I think what makes a LAG player really good is knowing when to back down and bail. Be slippery. I do not regret trying to make more laggish plays but I also dont know enough to do it successfully consistently. Lesson learned for now until I have more knowledge in my arsenal. I was trying to do pre-flop LAG and then TAG but was getting myself in some really tricky situations. In a nutshell I was trying to play LAGTAG.


    Cupcake the Klepto Bluffer

  • highfive
    Experimenting is fine. Just understand LAG play looks to some like nads out aggression. It's not. It is 90% planned out ( at least mine is). Position, 3bet ranges, bet sizings, boards to barrel or check - call or check-give up are generally predetermined. I just have to see
    the run out. There are impromptu attacks based on in-game reads against weak players but that's not the norm.

    So your 22/18 in 6max is good for now. TAG is effective and simpler. Although you're likely LAG at heart bc of natural aggression, you can expand along the way.

    5 buyins is no concern. That is within normal variance. Keep playing and reviewing hands post session, SOP for getting better.

    That K9o hand I posted was the end of 4.5 buyins down and 6.5 buyin rally in 194 hands. Haha
  • cupcake

    "That K9o hand I posted was the end of 4.5 buyins down and 6.5 buyin rally in 194 hands. Haha" Thats encouraging because I am 7 buy-ins down for Sahara. One of the big dents was when I went on tilt and went 5 buy-ns down in one game. REALLY holding the stats back but my fault for not knowing when to take a break. This is the WORST my stats have ever been. Or I should say BB/100 usually I am at at least 12BB or more. I have to fight my boredom with being a conventional TAG until I learn more. I don't just play premium hands but sometimes when the I have 4-5 rounds of dead cards I think of that Brunson quote. "You gotta give action to GET action."

    Cheers, CC

  • highfive
    Well you moved up until you found a challenge.
    1. Use Peek at End to better understand what villains are doing.
    2. Moving down to play is ok too.
    Its something you will do for real money, Moving up and down to stay within bankroll parameters.
    3. Tilt: some think cash games never end. I say they start and stop whenever you want. Stop to vent. Run around the block. Yoga. Whatever. Just dont kick the dog.
    Come back fresh. No rush. Poker is going to be there.
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