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are poker HUDS ethical?

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hi hi

i think i must be the poker HUD queen
i sure i own or have tried every poker HUD that works with PokerStars there is

now when i play I use three, that i find helpful

problem is some i talk to and other forums say they unethical, almost like cheating

thats YIKES, i wish be honest and ethical
however if other players are using them... wouldn't i be at disadvantage if cease use?

I play on PokerStars and ACR, both places allow the ones I use, some they ban

I understand Ignition and BetOnLine no allow

I wish get others opinion on this subject ... please just people that play online for real money



  • krista
    edited August 2018

    hi again someone asked what huds i am using...

    1. PokerTracker... see the top left? say M:25? i have it tell me what my Mfactor is so i see quick... thats how many orbits i have before blinded and ante out
      trust me important... i play today a private tournie... blinds stay at 25/50 BUT antes increase 100 each 3 minutes

    other than record my hands is all i i use PokertTracker

    1. Jvario... thats the box and thermometers around villians name see?
      gives me vital stat numbers and a visual ref on themometer
      green is loose, red is tight, and orange about right
      unless have a lot of hands as reference generally meaningless

    see that bad guy on right... so far he open 38% of all the hands and follows it up with 23% of them he raised pre-flop
    the stats change dependent on what street
    box on bottom left gives tournie data plus Pot Odds

    1. StatsCap
      this is one i find most useful... see it gives the position of each player, at a glance, i like that see quick

    below each player in green see?
    gives how he bet each time....
    guy on left is C/C/C/
    he called three times

    this super helpful look it and i no have to remember
    guy on right
    call, donk bet, bet out, check

    anyway thats what i use... pros use all the complex stats Pokertracker offers...
    i could have those when i mouse over a player but that way too complicated for me and isnt enuf time

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