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New Software Not Working


I am trying to play MTT as I always do and nothing happens when I press the submit button. I have never had an issue using APT to play MTT before.


  • AllenBlay

    If you are using a windows device, first try clicking ctrl-f5 and see if completely reloading the game fixes it.

    If you are using a mobile device of some kind, try dragging the game a little bigger and seeing if you can click it then.

    If not, what type of device and what operating system and browser are you using? We can’t replicate this and haven’t heard anything like this. Let me know what you are using and I’ll see if I can replicate it. I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that would cause this because it is just a button that should work for everyone or no one.


  • palehorseriderp


    Sorry for the long delay, but I just realized I never answered your question. I was incorrect on when the error is occurring. It is at the tournament payouts screen. If I press the button to see the payouts when setting up the tournament, it will not allow me to go back to setup.

    I am using Windows with Microsoft Explorer on a laptop.

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