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NL 6 Max Cash Button Baller Experiment


I am now residing in "Dumpster Alley." Decided to try an experiment that every time I am on the Button I have to play the hand. Power of Position and what kind of crazy shit can I escape from or capitalise on.

Well, here you go. Its a new form of NL Holdem called "Button Baller." I actually think it would be so sick to try this out when we get our Cash table. Rule is, when you are on the Button you are not allowed to fold pre-flop but afterwards you can.

Yes, as I was grinding away I kept "the peek at cards at the end" on everytime I was on the button. Not to peak at players cards in play BUT to see what the outcome would be if I had played my hand on the Button. Then I decided to go for it and get super loose on the button and throw pre-flop caution to the wind to see what would happen. I started playing the button alot with some pretty trash hands. Sure I lost some but not that bad actually. It might seem stupid but actually being forced to play the Button sticks you into some interesting situations. Not allowed to fold, Check? Call? Raise for bluffing and see if you can sell the story? Who are you playing against and can you throw them off their hand?

For your viewing fun,




  • highfive
    Cool experiment. Do you realize you can freeze the button and play every hand there? Its on the options page, if interested.
  • think
    There’s a live tournament in which the pot winner gets the button for the next round. I’d hate to be two to the left of whoever’s got the “hot hand.”
  • cupcake

    Yes, @highfive I realize that option is there and ended up using it!

    @think where is that tourney? Cheers, CC

  • think

    I don't know, but it exists online. Here's a look-in during play:

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