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Dancing on the edge of DONK


I am now playing Big City Lights full ring and 6 but will be moving on to Dumpster Alley tomorrow. Experimenting with my aggression and playing the player as well as the hand. Seeing what I can get away with and what may be just too insane whether its in position or out of position AND flying in the face of +EV. I was also rebelling against the Advisors. LOL.

Oh, I also have a VERY special relationship with "Carlos."

Feel free to comment regarding my cruising for a bruising OR just have a good laugh. LOL.

Question of the Day: Can you play mind games on Bots? hee, hee



  • highfive
    Not sure what title is all about. Thats great poker.
    Completing in sb with great odds with junk. Love it!
    Checking the big flopping big and check/raising. Love it!
    Limp reraising AA from utg. Not my favorite play but like how you got value.
    One mistake. IMO 3betting when raised cost you with T5o. I would like a call/check/jam. He likely bets again but you made him fold.
    Otherwise. Thats not near donk play. Nice!
    Do the swag walk.)
  • cupcake

    Thank you so much highfive,
    I went on tilt with "dumpster Alley" today so your comments are MORE than appreciated. Lost 3 Buy Ins because of tilt. My plays getting jammed and doubting myself. Did some sick totally stupid plays cause of tilt. REALLY stupid. This was a "dumpster alley" kick ass day and my first day. I adust best through repetiton and getting my ass kicked. In a freakish way I welcome the ass kicking. I like to push boundaries and see how far I can go and is it worth while. I can read a ton and go through apps for hand analysis but nothing beats my getting in with the bots and seeing if it works. Thank you so much, cause I got tilty today which really pisses me off. The adjustment between Big City and Dumpster Alley is major for me and I am in the midst of figuring it out. Cheers and BIG hugs , CC

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