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My Stats and moving up to "Dumpster Alley"


Hello APTers,

Decided to move up to Dumpster Alley. Following are my stats for City Lights. My C-Betting is too high but I have brought my AF and Stealing down.

Full Ring

VPIP 20%
PFR 10%
AF 2.57
WTS 17%
WTS$$ 61%
CBet 90%
DFS 50%
Steal 38%
BB/100 25.49

6 Max

Hands-around 2,500
VPIP 22%
PFR 18%
AF 4.16 (it used to be 10.0)
WTS 26%
WTS$$ 57%
CBet 87%
DFS 34%
Steal 44%
BB/100 21.55


  • highfive
    Very good. Nice and tight-aggro. That style works on any table.
    I like the DFS especially. Defend when you have the equity particularly against late position opens. Most players including the bots open wide from late. A good mix of calls and 3bet resteals is good.
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