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Tournament Dropout Button?

edited August 2017 in APT Questions

Any chance of adding one of these for APT live tournaments? When a person sitting out has a substantial stack and has to leave they might just prefer to bail instead of just sitting out or dumping their chips.

Just curious



  • synthesists
    edited August 2017

    I failed to explain what prompted this suggestion and decided to revisit it. Recently I observed a final table where a player with a substantial number of chips had to bail out leaving 4 others, 2 who were shortstacked, to fight it out while.he was, slowly, blinded down. He eventually came in 2nd which seemed a bit out of line to me. I think if there was a way to dropout he would have used it rather then sitting out. Syn

  • Hal2014H

    I was on that table for awhile and would 2nd synth's request. Things would have progressed much faster if that player had the chance to bail.

    He came in 2nd?! :)

  • AllenBlay

    Ok. I'll look into whether that option exists. This multiplayer software is just something we licensed, so we are limited to the options available. But if it exists, I can see the benefit of having that.

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