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Live game isolation

Few days ago I played 1/3 NL.9 handed.
I am UTG 950$ UTG+1 81$ MP66$ SB 325$
I raised to 12 with AQo, UTG+1 calls MP ALL in 66$ SB calls BB fold UTG(me) all in.
How would you play this hand?


  • 1warlock

    Call rather than all-in and play the side-pot HU with the SB. No need to go bonkers here in case he has a real hand. You have position on him and a good but not great hand considering the action.

    Out of curiosity, what did UTG+1 and SB do when you shoved? How did the hand end up playing out?

  • krista
    edited August 2018

    take the $950, quit while you ahead and go to the bar?

    you have them well covered, assume the AQ good enough to call (just need call the MP shove, no need go all-in unless UTG+1 shoves too)
    and see the flop and see what villains action be then...
    what MP and SB do?

  • cupcake

    I agree with Warlock. I would have called. I have gotten burned quite a bit with AQ oop. How did the hand play out???? Enquiring minds want to know. Cheers, CC

  • highfive
    Fold! AQ is not a hand to play for 33 bigs preflop. SB likely has you beat if level headed. ( not saying sb is.)
    Ok now tell me sb called with his favorite hand 64s. Ha
  • hazarder1h
    edited August 2018
    UTG +1 called with AJo and SB called with AKo MP had 55
    I did consider calling. I shoved cause I saw SB folding middle pairs in this spot, I was pretty sure I am ahead or 50/50 against MP.
    Thanks for your comments!
  • hazarder1h
    AJ won the main pot with top pair and AK side pot with A high.
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