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pocket jacks play.


Hero 2 off the BB, 2/5 game, equal $500ish stacks, pre flop smooth call raise to $10, 5 more call to button (a very loose aggressive) who makes it $40, back to hero who makes it $140 to go and is called by button. Flop is 10c8c6c. Hero bets out $180 button pushes. Hero's play?????


  • 1warlock

    Aside from all the 'ugh' preflop, what suits on hero's hand? Is he blocking any of the possible club flushes? If he holds the Jc, the answer is different than if he doesn't.

  • highfive
    edited August 2018
    Prefer to have the Jc but its a call. Cant quite get the pot exact but about $180 into about 530-540ish. You could be dead without the Jc though.
    You dont have to win very often to profit.
    He doesnt have AA or KK. Most would ship pre. Not sure why villain ships the nuts here. If villain calls, Hero is likely going to stick it on the turn. With this move he gave the opportunity to fold.
    Nasty spot though.
    Raise to 4x from utg +2. Pot plays differently then.
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