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Cupcakes Bot REVENGE 1.

edited August 2018 in Specific Hand Questions

For your amusement and viewing pleasure! Straight from the dank 6 max ring games where only the donkiest Bots swim DEEP. You got it! A Low Stakes EXTRAVAGANZA!


  • 1warlock

    LOL - I don't know the answer to this one but if there is a way to top off your stack, that's always better than playing with a short one. You want to be able to reach as deep into your opponents' pockets as possible. You could only get 50BB out of this bot because you were so short. Whether for simulations or for real try to make sure you have a full stack to work with.

  • cupcake

    Hey Warlock,
    I actually forgot that there is the feature that you can buy chips. Duhh, CC

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