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Question regarding Higher Difficulty Ring Games


Hello all,

I have been grinding away at the easy, lowest, 6 max ring games and my IQ scores and % against most players is way higher in the medium difficulty ring games?

With that said, the optimal style of play for the lower skilled games is not the same as the more difficult level. So is that perhaps the reason?????

Thank you in advance,



  • 1warlock
    edited August 2018

    Hey @cupcake - I wouldn't pay too much attention to the poker IQ thing. I sort of get how its calculated but I think it has limitations in describing our actual level of play. It also seems to be highly dependent on whether you are running well or not for the session. I guess that over time we can learn from how we are trending but that's about as far as I'd go in putting a lot of weight in it. Oddly enough, the past few sessions where I've destroyed the KGB bots for big numbers, my poker IQ says I'm basically a potted plant. The sessions where I've lost, it rates me as pretty good. Hmmm.

    Regardless, I think you are probably playing better poker because your opponents are somewhat better. I've been playing this game for a good amount of time and I still have nearly no idea what's going on at the micro-stake games. Its just a bunch of random sound and fury (signifying nothing - to complete the quote). When players start making more rational decisions, I find it easier to read what they are doing and therefore easier to play against. It may be true for you too.

    To the last question about optimal play vs populations - yes strategies need to shift all the time. What works vs 1 group will not work with another. We need to learn how to beat all of them though because we never know who is going to show up at our table at any given time. Being able to identify what type of player you are facing and then having the tools required to take their money is what poker is all about.

  • cupcake

    Thank you Warlock! It actually was bumming me out to see my IQ slide downward and yet I am cashing well at the ring games.

    I realize that I will be at low stakes to build up my bankroll and will need to adjust accordingly but DAMN.

    Thanks again


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