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Mr. Blay

seems i am being censored
i can only access forum if i exit and log in after i log out

it your place... if you no want me post it your call

however at least have the courtesy tell me

i would like to get my money back and leave this place please


  • 1warlock

    @krista - I think its something with the site because it happens to me too but only from 1 of my computers. On the other one I can leave the site and return and still go right into the forums and post. On this one I have to log out and than back in to post. No idea why it happens but I'm sure its not censorship.

  • krista

    i no agree

    they censored a pic i put and wasnt bad

    now i cant access forum without a complex work around

    we can talk on Replay

  • krista

    i give this place $500
    none of them have cutesy ever talk me why they censor me or my posts

  • AllenBlay
    Hi Krista, I have responded to you via email yesterday The login issue is not related to the picture, it has to do with cookies on certain computers. You might be able to solve that by clearing your cache and logging back into the site. I also have to login separately to the forum on my laptop. It's just a 'feature' of the forum software.

    As far as censoring, we keep the site clean and suitable for work because many people use this at work. The picture in question was clearly not suitable for work. I didn't personally censor it because I didn't see it until after it was flagged. Our site has a 'flag' button you have probably seen. If a couple people flag a post, it goes away for moderation. Others deemed it inappropriate and I agree with that. Pictures are fine, but shots of a thong bikini would be (and were) considered inappropriate by other users.

    I don't want you gone from here and we aren't doing anything to censor your account.
  • krista

    ok fair enough .. ty explain it to me

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