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Poker IQ???


I actually did not think I did very well as I placed 64th in this Weeks challenge.

"Keep track of your ranking and the overall leaders for all challenges at the APT Poker Challenge Rankings. Your RealPokerIQ™ score is 154. This means that, adjusted for luck, your play was better than 99 % of the other players who have played this current weekly challenge."

I have read about the Poker IQ but I guess I still equate that with making the most Cash/Chips.

I guess I feel that if I were making such optimal decisions there would be more cashola in hand. This is my first challenge and I am new here so please bare with me on this.

Any comments would be great.

Oh, I also found these bot's a breath of fresh air compared to the fish pool I have been swimming in at the low level 6 max ring games. LOL.


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