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Poker Things that Work for Me


hi hi

well its been 2 months since I took on learning NLH with a vengeance... I believe any job or sport you seriously commit to, you need invest in the very best tools i believe I have tools near perfect for me. I have made mistakes on buy things.

If you are new like me i wish someone had presented such a list and it would have saved me time and money on mistakes i made.

here is a list of poker things that work for me (and I love to hear your comments and things I maybe missing)
(prices are all in Canadian dollars - USA people subtract about 30%)

I during university and now for poker spend a lot time sitting at computer. In the past I have tried many different chairs.
The last LazyBoy office chair I had, is now in another room, and I bought a DXRACER gaming chair. I wish i had found this years ago its amazing on my back and my big bum, even after 10 hours straight.

I often play late into the night. I drink a lot of water and it gets boring, so i resort to too much red wine sighs. I bought a SodaStream machine and
its terrific. I can make a bubbly zero calorie zero sugar 1L drink in seconds. Add any of their natural flavours and its so so yummy. The machine no need plug in and it sits here on table next to me and i have a refreshing lovely drink almost immediately for pennies (equivalent canned drinks cost like $1.50 each). Machine and many extras was under $200

I get very excited playing poker and i thought perhaps weed could help me focus and calm down. Sativa type is said to help focus and calming.
I have tried that and i no find it effective, yes i concentrate on things often not poker play hahaha. Not recommended.

Try this and you will thank me! Its a special cloth, like thin scarf. Wet it, ring it out, pull it snap, and it stays cold for many hours. When it stops being cold you you snap it again. Its like magic. I wearing it right now. It cools the back of neck (hence your core) and keeps you alert. I use it now when i go to beach or dog park also. When its hot I wear that towel with little else, even in air conditioning i love it any time. try it you will thank me. Cost about $15

I bought a subscribe to PokerGo, I forget but think was about $100 annual. I think it wasted monies. Twitch and YouTube have most things.
PokerGo has a lot of interviews with pros and background stuff but I think watch some the pros play on Twitch online has a lot more relevance
to beginners like me. I learn a lot watch pros Brian Paris, Spraggy and Jamie Staples. They give commentary while they play and play at things closer to my level - better for me than watch super stars play final table at WSOP

I have had these things but I find them perfect for online poker. I have a powerful computer and an ultra high-speed cable connection (with battery
backup which important to have) so that does more than I need.

Lets talk of perfect monitors.
I have an ultra wide 38inch curved monitor ($1500) and a 27inch ($250) both are full HD. Thats way more monitor than I need but gives many options for viewing multiple things and when ever i multi-table i can run lots tables very large so i can read all the hud fine print easily
I do recommend an ultra wide monitor (doesn't need be curved - but I like it)
I can't believe people study or play online with a laptop, how can you run the various software and see them?

I love my Kindle and it has all the zillion books I have purchased and I carry it with me always. Any down time I pull out my kindle and read.
I can highlight stuff, look things up, its easy on my eyes, battery lasts a week, light weight. Kindle versions of books are so much cheaper.
Example: Jon Little's book Excelling at NLH... paper back cost $52.. Kindle version cost me $27.50
I cant recommend a Kindle enough (I use PaperWhite one) I carry my entire library in my purse, I can also read any of it on my computer or my IPhone
get the paperwhite one built in light and wi-fi and HD 300pi, with cover and extra power adapter $160

We looking at a puter screen a lot. get Anti UV, glare reduce, blue light filter glasses. Helps eye strain and protects eyes. After 10-12 hours no headache or eye fatigue. Get a good pair they more comfy, costs under $20

I have so many maybe 20. Lots are wasted money. Best I find is Jonathon Little's I have many of his all are excellent and make sense.
Alex Fitgeralds for understand math. Like Brunson and Negreanu and Harringtons books
Oh i just started reading Dr. Simpsons book Poker Genius... he a mind coach and works with Chris Morman and Liv Boree, so far it fascinating.
I know "mind coach" sounds spooky. In past i dated a boy try get on our Olympic Ski Team and went with him some sports psychology things at UBC
Psychology important in all sports. I let you know when i get more into this book.

I have SiriusXM and can listen to any type of music i wish without commercials. I have stopped also have news or chat radio running and play nice music in background. Seems i find old music (70s) best for me

I have so much software I have bought and use maybe 30% of it. I forget the prices none of it is cheap and most is subscription. The stuff I do use and find great are...
(I play PokerStars and FullTilt so work in conjunction)

PokerTracker - for capture all hands and examine, I no longer use their hud while playing - that software or Holdem2 is vital to look at our play in any perspective imaginable

Flopzilla - cant use during play helps analogize things helped me greatly with ranges

Tournament Indicator - no works for cash games, but it great preflop gives you outs, odds, immediate handgrouping and EV against random hands and changes
as players limp in, fold or raise, as well it gives you win percentages against ranges (handy for shove decisions) it has also a HUD overlay. I never used their HUD others were better, just the bottom part. I no longer use it i have too much to look at and think about... but it excellent for tournaments if you no have a better HUD to use

Jivaro - this is an amazing HUD i wish i found it earlier. I use it always when i play its amazing easy to understand quickly uses like visual thermometer things
and colour coding (even a blonde can quickly see important villain stats) It is intuitive and changes stats based on pre-flop, post flop and each street.

What I bought and never or hardly use... all kinds of different huds that work with Ptracker, also ICMizer, SitNGo Wizard, SharkScope, Equlab, PokerSnowie (we have APT that similar) and many others i long since deleted

Thing we beginners need appreciate is all the HUDs need a database to provide anything meaningful. At best currently I have max 200 hands on anyone
and most zero at start. I like the HUD it gives me something interesting to look at if I folding a lot... plus it provides the best info avail at this point in time,
we just can't rely on it, past stats is just one thing. Other valuable thing is I sure all serious players use a HUD and i like see my own stats cause thats
how they think I am and play.

Anyway I hope some of this stuff helps, other rookies like me.


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