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SPR & Straddle

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I been study SPR and its importance to decision making, I know how calculate it but who has the time... I like add that stat to my hud and colour code the ranges... I use PokerTracker and i look and look and unable find that stat to add... i waiting a reply from their support but maybe someone can help me?

oh also i been watch Poker After Dark on TV ... i don't understand "straddle" how it works and purpose of it ... seems you no look at hand till flop and antes increased?


  • 1warlock
    edited August 2018

    A straddle is an option allowed in some cash games whereby a player agrees to add 1 more blind hand after the SB and BB. You do not get to see your cards beforehand, just like you don't when you have to post the mandatory blinds. The 1st straddle is double the BB. There can be a string of straddles in some games and each one is for double the amount of the previous one.

    So, in a 1/2 game, the 1st straddle is for $4. 2nd is for $8, 3rd is $16 and so on. There are variations of how it can be implemented with the most common being the UTG straddle or the button straddle. Its probably not important for you to learn the dynamics of this quite yet.

    I've never even looked for an SPR function on my HUD. Its pretty easy math and you don't need to be more accurate than to bands of whole numbers (<3, 3-5, 5-10 and 10+).

  • krista

    ok ty warlock explain... makes sense when i see 'straddle' on tv

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