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Can I practice Omaha in APT ??

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  • AllenBlay
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    Hi doccccu,
    I don't see us developing an Omaha game because we barely have time to develop the Holdem game the way we want to. Omaha is a very different game, and the bots would need to be very different. If time was unlimited, it would be great to have one. However, realistically we intend to make our site the absolute best for Holdem, and that just means we don't have time to develop an Omaha game.


  • think

    If there were the occasional 7-stud, Omaha, or limit hold 'em game on multiplayer, I would play it at least sometimes. Maybe that's already built into the multiplayer software APT is using.

    On that same subject, I'd be into a "scheduled ring game" or something. I realize there aren't enough folks online at APT at any given moment to have a cash game going all the time.

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