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What will you do if you hit Tri-Ace and facing 3 street bet with the community card?


Hi guys, There is one hand I hope to have your advice here when I played the cash game last night, 50/100 (Manila casino) game . the effective stacks is around 120 BB.
PRE-FLOP: UTG+1 open 3BB, MP+1 and BB called, three ways pot with $1050,
FLOP: Comes 4sAdAs, BB check, UTG+1 c-bet $600, MP+1 fold and BB min raise to $1200 with A3 on hand, UTG+1 snap called. Pot is now $3450,
TURN comes Js, BB check , UTG+1 keep firing 1 pot size $3500, BB take sometimes for thinking and called, pot is $10950,
RIVER comes a blank card 9h, BB check again and UTG+1 shove $7500,
what will you do ? Call or fold.....


  • dfranked
    edited August 2018

    First of all, when you say this is a 50/100 game in Manila, you mean Philippine Pesos (i.e., roughly $1-$2 USD), right? If this is USD we're talking about two verrrry different player populations.

    That said, I think this an obvious fold regardless, and you probably should have already folded the turn unless villain is a hyper-LAG. Villain most likely has a flush; your min-raise on the flop wouldn't have been enough to push him off the draw. Less likely possibilities are a boat (pocket 44) or trips with a better kicker. You're not beating anything but a bluff, and villain isn't bluffing because nobody in their right mind fires a third barrel for 3/4 pot on a brick after you already called their pot-sized turn bet when the scare card came. Absolute best-case scenario here is that you're chopping because the river card neutralized villain's kicker.

  • aaron1102121a

    Yes, I am talking about Pesos but not USD.
    And also totally agreed with you that the mini-raise on the FLOP from the Big Blind can't make the draw hand fold,
    especially need to fold on the turn when the Villain keep firing.

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