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Can I determine what my playing style is...


As compared to my opponents? For instance, am I tight, passive, intermediate player or some other description of my playing style? I would like to know that?


  • krista
    edited August 2018

    hi lumberjack

    i am relatively new to poker but have been studying it diligently, so allow me give my 2 bits on this subject. in my studies i find various different categories experts and trainers use to place poker players into groups, which allow better prediction on how they commonly play and to assume their strengths and weaknesses to exploit... personally i use Nathan Williams six player profiles, however there are many others

    to profile, categorize a player i need have 50+ hand experiences (the more hands the more accurate) and the related statistics... for that I have poker software that does that for me... basically at this point in my studies I am using three characteristics to place opponents into one of those six categories... how often they put money into the pot when they didn't have to pre-flop, their aggression (how often they raise & 3 bet pre-flop) and commitment (are they recreational or regular, studied players)

    so the trick is to get those statistics and for that you need a poker software that captures all that information and also provides summaries of it as an HUD overlay on the opponents while you are playing

    now you ask what are you?

    a poker hand tracker (PokerTracker or Hold'em 2) gives you incredible detailed information about each hand you have played... so the same statistics will provide you with the info to place yourself into a category of poker player (and know that serious opponents who you face will have some of that information about you as well - hence its very good to know)

    hope that helps?


  • highfive
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    Hey @lumberjack,
    Those stats are kept here at APT in a simplistic form.
    Go to Reports & History ---> Saved Sessions.
    The top line is Session Statistics. If you want to post Vpip and Pfr, we can make an educated guess about it.

    Those stats are aggregate for all game types here. You can filter for game type. Recommended.
    Look for a drop down menu that says " where the game was..."

    Or you can post a list of all your stats or screenshot. You choose the method.
    I'll give my 2 cents on it.
  • lumberjackl

    Thx to both of you.

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