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population tendencies playing micros hard time to call turn here

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I do not see at the micros this could be a possible call. turn raises are the nuts in micros! These moves I do not see often made there. Also what is my opponents range here? Set, 2 pair, Flush? I have a hard time calling here I only have a 5 outer and no implied odds in play here. Yes I got AK but the range she presents to have here is very unlikely for me to be ahead. Again i am still playing nl5 and I do not see that move there made often.


  • highfive
    I'll review the hand from the start.
    Playing and raising this holding is standard. However I think the 3bet size is too small. You are OOP and must be compensated so I like +4x raise. Ok as 4.5x or press pot until u develop the size you prefer. If all fold 5.5 bigs is fine win. Secondly I have 3bet bluffs here so I raise bigger. Big 3bet size OOP is good for value raises and good for bluffs.
    You now know 1,2 players call 3bets with QTs and Q7o. Both bad calls but it is 1,2. Can't assume bets are strong at these levels. All the more reason to raise big. Tax them.
    If they don't fold to a big 3bet, I cbet this flop with 2 overs and backdoor flush draw. Remember you 3bet. You can have all premiums in your range. Villain 2 likely calls. Villain1 folds.....probably.
    When the Kh comes, I like to continue betting small. Hey you can have Ax of hearts, etc. Continuing to bet is credible.
    You could check the turn. If no bet from V2, then lead small any non heart river. Btw I call a reasonably small bet by V2 on turn. If V2 bluff ships turn, then fold. It is too expensive. Well played by him.
    So you likely are not at said decision point, if you played hand differently.
    As played I don't mind a safe fold because it's an all in. You call her raise, you have to call the last 40 also. As for me, I'd be suspicious of the raise. Why didn't she bet on the flop when you checked if she had 2 hearts in the hole?
    Also as played, I check the turn Just Because betting leaves you vulnerable to a bluff raise. You do not credibly rep the flush since no cbet. If she bets after i check, i call a reasonably small bet. Then river likely goes check-check on no heart. You win.
    IMO you got in a tough spot with smallish 3bet and giving up the initiative with no cbet.
    Keep training. Get better.
  • 1warlock
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    I mostly agree with @highfive. A larger size for your 3-bet would have been a good start. On this flop I think you need to fire a c-bet. That would have ended the hand in this case but it was checked around. When the Kh appeared on the turn you improved to TPTK but the flush draw filled and you have no blockers. I'd check here and look to get to showdown on the cheap. If you are fired into on the turn you can call 1 bet and reevaluate on the river. The point being that your hand has showdown value but is too weak to keep building a pot with. Just check-call turn and check-call most non-heart rivers, IMO.

  • krista
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    yes i agree...

    not sure if the preflop bet need be larger maybe 3.5bb but for sure need bet the flop maybe 2/3 pot, MUST Cbet the flop!

    Kh flops villain raises your tiny turn 48 bet.... what she represents a K? you have top kicker, if she had 2 hearts likely she raise after flop?

    why you fold with top pair and kicker to the 132 raise? fear of a flush? I would put her on KQ, KJ, KT with maybe 1 of them a heart

    I would bet again find out... she loose aggressive... put her all in and see...
    even if she have Kh then you still ahead
    maybe i too aggressive but i would have played that way different

  • cupcake

    Mary Bennington is also on my hated Bot Bitch list. She does not back off on a draw and will play to the end with lame hands. She also raises relentlessly pre-flop. Look , I am not qualified in any way to offer advice as I am a novice BUT I would have relentlessly barelled her(with dreams of a sawed off shotgun) until the flush threat and then? See if I could have gotten away with a check or a cheap call. Cbetting that flop is something I def would have done but then I am a bit of an aggro psycho. Hence my name Cupcake. Sort of like a Piranha with frosting.

  • krista

    grins... YOU GO GIRL!!!

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