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what to Buy in For?

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i puzzled of the strategy for this...
i observe a cash table i want join... I can buy in anywhere from $5 to $10...
the 5 players there, 3 have like $15+ and two have below $7
so i puzzled what i buy in for? is there a strategy to keep it low so any all-in not devastating? I can always rebuy chips or...
should i buy in for $10 max and have more room maneuver?


  • 1warlock

    @kristak - weak players buy in for less than the full amount to keep their exposure low. Its a bad strategy. Buy in for the full amount and top-off your stack if you get below say 60BB. You want to be able to reach as deep into the other players' pockets as possible and you can only do that with a full stack. Just remember that when playing with people on the table with less than full stacks that the effective stack in a hand is that of the shortest player. You need to adjust the hands you play and how you play them against short-stacks because some hands aren't profitable unless you can achieve a certain return. Also be aware that they are more likely to get their entire stack in on single-pair hands if the SPR is low enough.

    So, you go in with a full belt of ammunition but be aware who you are playing against and how much ammo they have. In poker, size does matter :)

  • krista
    edited July 2018

    ok thanks.... YES IT DOES MATTER ;)

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