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Home poker game play with limpers

I'm hosting a home game with people of varying experience. I am not WSOP material but I probably have more knowledge than most.
I usually see a lot of people limping into pots where usually 3, 4 or 5 will see a flop.
My question is that do I also join the limping with a wide range of hands where I can outplay them after the flop, adhering to the big hand/big pot, small hand/small pot method, being more of a LAG player.
Or am I better off using a more traditional approach, as I would do at a poker room playing less hands, but raising and 3 betting and being a TAG player.


  • highfive
    Play your game. Maybe add in a few late position limp alongs. Five limps and you are in sb. That's any 2.
  • 1warlock

    If the other players know how to fold, then you can attack all that dead money as a TAG or LAG. If they don't like folding, then I'd limp behind with hands that can brutalize top pairs (assuming stacks are deep enough). I still wouldn't limp behind with absolute garbage and I'd still pay attention to position but if you can outplay people postflop, go ahead and see more cheap flops than you would in a casino or vs better players.

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