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Live Tournament Correct Play


This was $210 buy in Senior Tournament. Only 20 players with 7 left and money at top 4. I had 55k chips at 1500/3000/200 level, so 18 bbs. A big stack who played a lot of hands limped early. I had KK from cutoff. Chose to raise to 10k over jamming. Thought jam would fold his trashy hands. When flop came 8, 10, Q with two of a suit, villain checked. At that point I have 15 bb left and didn't not like flop compared to his range. Chose to jam. Other options, check back which seemed awful or make standard continuation of 12K or so which would have left me with 11 bbs for turn or to call a shove. Was Jam best play? I thought coordinated board took away a lot of the value in standard continuation followed by shove turn or fold to bad card and a bet.


  • highfive
    I just shove over a 2-4 blind open. (Dont laugh. Its a senior event. 4 big open can happen.) Taking that down is fine at this blind level.
    The limp adds an interesting wrinkle. I suggest raising to 12k. If he calls 10, he'll call 12k. Then shove any non Ace flop. If he lead shoves you have to call anyway.
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