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WSOP Main event Hand


Day 2 of WSOP main. My chip stack is $37k blinds are 500, 1,000 with 100 ante. Earlier player raise to $2700, I have Ah, Qs, I call. (should I have raised here?) Small blinds call. Flop is Kh, Jc, 10H. small blind checks, initial raiser bets 5,100. I shove, small blind calls with a Q6 of hearts, initial raiser folds. Should I have just called on the flop instead of shoving to see if another heart hits the board? This is the hand I went out on. The turn card was a 2H and river was 9D I'm still not sure I could have gotten away from the hand on the turn since I had the AH in my hand.


  • willgail1w

    Brutal way to exit. Unless early raiser was a raise 50% of range guy, I also would have called AQ off. Getting in with the nuts sounds pretty good. Whole idea is to get gutter ball or flush draw people in bad. If villain had a set, it would have been correct for everyone, I think. I have never played the main, but love the game and hand analysis. See no flaws here except wrong turn card. And you were still live after that card. Keep playing well and mix in some 'run good' with it!

  • 1warlock

    What position were you in and from what position did villain open from? What was initial raiser's stack size and the stack sizes remaining to act after you? There is no way to analyze this hand without this information, at a minimum. Would ideally like to know how long you had been playing at the table with these people and what you had seen them showdown with as well as frequency of opens from this guy to get a good range estimate. Still, we can do much of the analysis without the latter data but not without the first set of inputs.

    Congrats on playing in it though - has to be on most players' bucket list to do at least once.

  • Dlynn58D

    initial raiser was utg +3 with approx. 68K, mostly larger stacks after me to act with exception of small blind-others 60-90k . I was one behind the button. I had been at this table approx. 1 1/2 hours. Showdown had always been good hands, big cards, pairs. The initial raiser had not raised a lot of hands . I was not seeing raises called without big cards or pairs.

  • 1warlock
    edited July 2018

    OK, thanks for the info. IMO, AQo in your position is a 3-bet to isolate vs a standard opening range UTG+3. It is not a hand that typically plays well multiway but is very strong heads-up in position, especially if you are not 4-bet. I like 3-betting here because you have a chance to take a decent pot without a flop or you have great equity in position if initial raiser flats. The only real downside is if you are 4-bet but that is so rare these days that you could probably safely fold if it happened here. With your stack size, I think I would have 3-bet to about $8,100. I'd probably be cry-folding to a 4-bet shove but still have 28BB to work with.

    As played, I'm not in love with your shove since you had the nuts and the Ah as a blocker to the flush. Still, the call from Q6h is just wacky. If you called the c-bet, this guy may have shoved himself and you'd have to call. If you called the c-bet and SB just called, he was almost certainly shoving the turn with his made flush anyway and I don't see how you can fold at that point. Just a rude way to go out. IMO, beats like this one make me more inclined to 3-bet rather than less.

  • highfive
    Agree with most of @1warlock said.
    As played I raise the c-bet. Shoving when nutted is non optimal imo. You want a call. You are nutted. Ep3 cbets into 4 players? ( you said blinds call in original post.) Given position of cbettor, it seems a raise will get value from him on this board, draws, 2 pr and so on. We know SB likely shoves the combo draw anyway. No difference in outcome since you call the shove.
    Mostly posted hands have minor adjustments to improve play with the result the same after a bad runout. This time I think hero could have changed the outcome. A 3 bet in position probably gets a fold from Q6.
    I don't fold to a smallish 4 bet from ep3. AQ is strong at these blind levels AND people do bluff. I take a flop. I likely tank fold to a 4bet shove.
    28 bigs is not panic time.
  • dhirigoyd

    I like 1warlock's $8,100 3-bet to isolate. Besides that, I don't think your shove is a mistake. You flopped the nuts with no improvement possible except for a potential back door flush. Tough luck but as they say about tournaments: to win you have to be willing to die...

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