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BB count for life status


hi, this may be a dumb question from a blonde beginner
to me using how many BB left, to me isnt a valid measure of your life... don't small blind and antes enter into this equation?
i reading so many various poker books so i forget which but they mention M Factor...
what that does is count all blinds and antes and gives you an amount for how many rounds you can survive without making a move
wouldn't that be a better metric?
please i anxious for your comments on this


  • 1warlock

    Its easier to use BB's as a standard and then adjust to the specifics at the time. Its the same thing with having standard opening bet sizes and then adjusting for whether there are antes in play or not. So many things vary from tournament to tournament and from level to level that it would be hard (if not impossible) to have specific "instructions" for every possible variation. Some things you just need to learn to adjust for based on the specific situation you find yourself in. After a while these adjustments become second nature. If you find another metric more understandable and are able to implement it, use it. None of us think exactly the same way so whatever works for you is the right metric to use.

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