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I think I misplayed this hand


I was playing a live cash game, 2/3 spread limit at The Arena Poker Room at Talking Stick Resort in Phoenix. I was middle position with a stack of about $350. The player on my right (LAG) had me covered and raised to $15. I was going to re-raise with pocket Queens when the player two seats to my left, who has about $100 left said "all-in". The dealer stopped him as he acted out of turn. Since he was 3-betting I just called. He then went all-in. Based on his previous play I put him on a wide range of hands (any pair, any suited ace, suited KQ, unsuited AK, AQ, AJ, AT). The LAG on my right called and I just called. I think I should have shoved here in retrospect. The flop came 3c, 4d, 6c. The player on my right bet $75 starting a side pot. I shoved, he called with pocket 5s. Do you think I should have shoved pre-flop after the all-in?


  • TheRashT

    What hand did 1st all in have ?
    Winning both hands you played the correctly.
    First I'm surprised player (LAG) shoved $235 with pocket 5's after a $115 call from you (Chomp,chomp,chomp)
    If ever in Phoenix I'll definitely check out this game.

  • straychans

    The first all-in had ATs. The LAG just called the first all-in. He then called my all-in after the flop when he had an open end straight draw, which he hit on the turn as a 7 came. Where I think I misplayed the hand was I should have shoved pre flop after the first all-in. I think the LAG would have folded his pocket 5s then, at least he told me he would have, although I'm not positive since he had already committed $115 to the pot.

  • pk506p

    IMO you are being results oriented. If you knew LAGs exact holding before your action, would you want to fold him out? you want to play vs a LAG with a big hand and in position.

    Consider the LAG range when he opens and then calls the 3b with you still to act. You are likely a big favorite and can play for a large side pot. As played, you still got your stack in as a 60% favorite.

  • highfive
    I think I believe villain 1 when he said he would have folded knowing what he had. At decision time you did not know.
    So what does hero do with his range? What hands raise, call, or fold? QQ is not in fold range so thats eliminated.
    We have $215 in pot at decision time. That's more than 2/3 max buy-in. Given stack depths I think going after the dead money is the play. QQ is in raise (shove) range for me.
    Deeper stacks I raise not shove.
    Shove a little lighter because of the dead money. JJ+, AQ+ maybe 10s.
    Hero still built a bigger pot and got it in as a fav. Not bad either.

    Bad shove with AT and bad call with 55. Facing a shove with hero still to act 55 is a fold.
  • pk506p

    I can't argue what @highfive suggests. Shoving pre is surely a good and safe play.

    I still feel like we will show more profit by flatting here and playing LAG post, in position. I think it's close. I'm gonna try to work out the math and see.

    I still feel you are being results oriented. If he misses his draw, you're likely happy with the play.

  • straychans

    I'm trying not to be results oriented pk506, although admittedly since I lost the hand I'm probably analyzing it more than if I had won the hand. I'm trying to figure out if my thought process was good here. I guess it's a really close call either way because the reasons to flat call and the reasons to shove are both solid. I'm just not sure which is the best decision in the long run.

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