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Card face image for T

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We usually represent 10 with T when writing about poker hands, but actual playing cards use the number 10 instead. Tools such as What's The Nuts are basically showing us the upper left corner of an actual playing card with the value of the card on top and the suit below that. I think 10 instead of T would be better as a visual cue.



  • AllenBlay

    Hi, thanks for the comment. You're right of course that cards typically show a 10. We'll make a note of it in case we revise the game. I don't think that is something we would update the game to change, but it is something we could consider changing if we made significant changes to that game. It isn't anything I've ever noticed as unusual because I'm so used to the way we write the cards shorthand, but I could see where that would require extra processing in a timed game.

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