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Throwing away hands.

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I am playing between 1/8 to 1/10 hands per deal. Is this ok? How do I look to others at the table? How about management? Please help. I play my first live game in 2 days!


  • highfive

    How many hands played is an indicator of quality of play but normally it is expressed in percentages. 22% played of hands dealt for example.
    If you are playing in two days the best tip i have is quickly memorize what hands to play from each position. This site has one called Starting Hands Chart. Or you can search online " starting hand charts for NO Limit Holdem 9 max." You can also record the charts if you have a note pad on your phone. Then reference it when needed.
    The number 1 mistake is playing too many hands. Know what are good starting hands to play and play tight/conservative for your first time.
    Have a Stop Loss amount. If you lose X amount, you will quit playing for current session.
    Lastly if you are confused about the action at the table, ask the dealer. Don't be shy.

    best of luck @caroljeanthomas
    HTH Highive

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