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Weekly Challenges


1st of all, thanks for making these available. Some are more interesting than others of course but its something new to try every week and that's great. I understand that you only want people playing them once for purposes of leaderboards but would it be possible to allow users to retry them when they are done? For example, I busted out early this week so never even saw most of the hands. OK, so my leaderboard values are set but I'd still like to be able to try again and maybe even learn a thing or two by doing so. As it is set up now, I can only retry the hands I played so I won't ever be able to play the remaining hands in the challenge. Do you think this would be possible?



  • 1warlock

    Hmm, on further review I guess I can just set up the 9-max ring to deal these types of hands. Still, would be fun to see what specific hands players had to deal with and which ones I missed seeing.

  • AllenBlay

    Hi @1warlock - yes, you can set up the same things through the game options.

    So a common misconception with the weekly challenges is that everyone plays the same hands - they don't. It's just random hands that fit the definition. In any given week, you may actually have a much easier or much harder group of hands. The week you got stacked on hand 1? Maybe anyone would have been. For a long time we've talked about making these "same hands challenges", but I think we just never did that. The weekly challenges were just put out there originally when we didn't have as much materials, and they were designed for fun. I classify them as a legacy entertainment feature.

  • gypwatson

    I like that it's not set up as everyone plays the same hands challenge. I've already set-up my training again in the 9-max ring options so I can continue practicing my trouble spots.

    But... I have been thinking about whether there is a way to quantify the overall playing session. I'm sure that's not the right word. Basically I've noticed that my last few play sessions has seen more aggression from my opponents than some of my earlier sessions which was more a limpfest. Could we possibly capture some basic table statistics such as number of average number of players seeing the flop, turn, river? I suppose I'm thinking that every table will have a different dynamic, and I'd like to see whether I'm capable of identifying those characteristics and adjusting my game accordingly. I'm sure I'm waaay ahead of myself, but again I'm trying to make the best use out of APT.

    I suspect that I could probably export my session and import into a Tracker software to get much more meaningful statistics. But I'm not quite ready to make an additional software purchase.

  • 1warlock

    Thanks @AllenBlay - I did not realize the hands were random. I do like these things because, as you said, they provide something new each week to try. LOL, it wasn't the 1st hand this week but an early one where I ran AK into KK and that's all she wrote.

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