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Calling Sations

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Hello. I practice only at the hardest level with over aggressive opponents however there is one aspect of tournaments that your site isn't reflecting. Calling Stations. There isn't enough calling stations. When I play local club tournaments or bigger tournaments at Borgata there are usually 4-5 callers to your raise. In other words I raise AQ suited UTg and get 5 callers. Or there are 4 limpers I go 4-5x on the button and everyone calls. I need more practice in this situation. Can you guys build in very loose(bad) pre-flop callers? You know the type - the suited 1,2,


  • soooprs

    You know the type - the suited 1,2,& 3 gap and Ax, K10, J10, 98 off suit call stations. Is there any way you guys can build this in to your program? Maybe just have a separate tournament added to the program that encompasses these players. If I can navigate this better, my game will definitely get to the next level.

  • AllenBlay

    Have you tried playing the lower levels of the game? The players you are talking about sound like terrible players. Perhaps if you put the setting as more passive than usual with medium difficulty, that would simulate the game better?

    Let me know how that works.


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