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6 handed odds.....


...for being dealt an ace, a pocket pair, 2 suited cards...flopping a set, 4 to a flush, 4 to a straight....trying to get a discussion an odds surrounding 6 handed play going...mpst of what i am seeing online seems to be for a full game...not alot of those on line in NJ...not yet anyway...i love the site...i've stopped playing for real until i get my poker iq over 115 for 30 days (playing the level just below kgb's dungeon)..i'm at 101 now...any help you ladies and germs throw this way is appreciated to the fullest...happy memorial to any vets, or family of vets out there...thanks again


  • highfive

    If i understand the question, the odds are the same. The odds relate to the deck of cards not the number of players. The ranges played change making 9 max somewhat tighter game than 6 max.
    HighFive, the friendly germ @danmahowny

  • danmahowny

    Thank you HighFive, may all your "cards be live and pots be monsters"...that's a load off

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