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How Do I Create Custom Hand Replays (Like Steamin Steve's Hand Reviews)?


I would love to use the APT display engine to post and discuss hands.
It's not clear to me whether I can do this or not. And if so, how?
Said another way, if I have a hand history that I'd like to display visually and playback for review and comments, how do I do so?
Thanks in advance!


  • AllenBlay

    If you are referring to hands played on APT, select any hand and click "POST" from your saved hands page (

    If you are referring to hands from a real money poker game, we don't have any import function on our site. However, if you wanted to show a visual replay, you could use and embed the link into the forum.


  • BigBugB

    Ah, okay. Thanks for the clarification. This helps. Cheers!

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