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Limping AA: Part 3


Lowest level
Blinds 2,5
Aggression level - above average
Challenge: limp AA for 50 hands
Results: won 11.5+ buyins

Notable hands : hero took a few brutal beats
KK flops quads -> hero turns boat
KK hits set
99 flops quads
9,2 flops trips
Hero made a few difficult folds with no straights no flushes on board. Villans' betting just showed little concern for my holding.
Called down twice on a flopped monotone board and was correct on both.
1 major mistake: checked back turn with villan showing aggression. Check back/ free card allowed str8 to fill on river. Yes. I paid off.)
All along this series I've thought raising AA 3x or more will show smallest win, if any. We'll see.)

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