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General thought


How far down the leader board do you think the players should be to be able to beat live small stakes in casinos? For example players near the top of the leader boards certainly can beat at least the small stakes games and players at the bottom of the rankings may not be able to win any stake...Can anyone estimate how far down the leader board you should be to expect positive results in casinos?


  • highfive

    Tough question. The top of the leaderboard is mostly occupied by members with no symbol next to their name. That means they are free members and only have access to the easiest bottom 2 levels. I know because that was me a few months ago. )
    There is a separate section just for KGB. If you are profitable there at all, you can beat casino poker thru the 2,5 level IMO.
    Taken all I don't think the leaderboard is a good indicator.
    Rather i'd go to a higher level, say Poker Party. Raise the bot aggression level a notch. If you can beat that for 30 to 50 bb/100, you should be the 1st or 2nd best player at your table in lower limit casino poker.

  • boxjump

    Thanks for the feedback...for myself I try to experiment a little with bet sizing, check raising in unusual I know my APT play is a little different from casino low limit..however I am beating live cash games over the last 7k hrs.. always with the goal of moving up when I am able day

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