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Limping AA Part 2


I have accepted @1warlock 's challenge to repeat my 50 hand challenge on a more aggressive setting.
Previously I had won 20 buyins limping utg with AA.
I went to lowest level. Set blinds to 2,5. Set bot aggression level to over aggressive and played 50 hands. I limped utg all 50 hands.

Won 11.8 buyins. Early in session hero took a couple bad beats. Not surprising really when you give villans such good odds to call, they will. Can't really complain as with a few hands my limps encouraged Ax to come along and villan hit 2 pr when i hit a set. Stackalicious indeed!

PokerIQ preflop 160! Apparently after much lab work, I have learned playing AA "be good".

Bot designer seems to think "over aggressive" means overlimping aggressively as about 20% of my open limps resulted in the entire 9 max table limping along. Haha Or should I term it aggressive calling? ))

I modified settings to " peek at end" which shows all villans' cards and rabbits the board. Wow! My limp raises folded out several holdings that would have stacked me had the villan stayed.

I rarely limp called because that would have resulted in bigger multiway pots. Not good.

I remain unconvinced that limping AA is good anytime. One might call a raise if playing HU sessions.
I say raise for value and raise to thin the field.

Look for upcoming challenges; Min raising AA utg, pot raising AA utg, 7deuce utg

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  • 1warlock

    Interesting stuff. I look forward to seeing how this plays out. Just 2 things: 1st, I think the other player suggested turning the aggression to above average, not over aggressive. Over aggressive is about as easy to beat as too passive. Aggro-fish vs passive-fish but both still fish :)

    2nd, I am absolutely stealing the term "Stackalicious"

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