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Bad poker for sure

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All comments welcome.
This IS bad poker on my part but one never knows what will happen.)

I have a tendency to 3bet suited baby aces especially in position. This time i elect to call. Weak to check call but that's what I did. Suddenly i have a gutter, overcard, and nut flush draw.
I was determined to win this hand. I am a recovering LAG fish so still have that lurking in me.
Good or bad my tactic was to lead jam the hit gutter And lead jam either flush. Lol If ace comes check call.
So spades came in and as planned , i donk jam the river. All fold. Point of this post is look what villan folded!
If you are unable to peek at villan's holding I will return and reveal it.
Wow! What a fold.


  • 1warlock
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    I barely know where to start on this one. Its a train wreck on every single street. Just WTF?

    Pre-flop: Caro-bot open limping 7/8s from UTG is simply horrible. It's a good isolation raise by Malone trying to get Caro HU in position. You flatting A3s from the SB isn't my favorite play, especially since you have to worry about Caro possibly re-raising. I prefer a 3-bet or fold but that's just me. Rose flatting with the pocket pair is fine.

    Flop: Everyone checking back to the IR is standard and his c-bet is as well. Your flat is a bit weird but then things really go off the rails. Rose folds 4s4h which I think is way too weak. He may very well still be good and is blocking the straight draws and holding both relevant suits. IMO, he should at least see 1 more card at the price he's getting and the implied odds. Then Caro flats with 7h8h. I have no idea what he's doing here with no pair and no real draw in a multiway pot.

    Turn: Your lead for 75% pot would have me wondering. You aren't repping a 2 because you flatted the flop. You don't hold JJ+ because you flatted pre-flop. You don't have 22, 55 or TT because you'd never lead with those hands. Calling the flop and leading the turn is basically representing As10s or some pair with a weak heart draw, like 4/5 or 5/6. He's blocking Js10s so he can rule that other possible hand out. Caro, now that he picked up equity, decides to fold. Makes perfect sense to float the flop just to fold now that his hand has improved. Guess he was only planning to call if the 6h came up. Malone makes an inexplicable call with 2 overs and the spade draw. On a paired board with that action, I think this is a fold (or sometimes a raise if stacks permit). Since he doesn't have the depth to raise other than to shove over, I'd fold this hand here in his spot.

    River: Your shove is wild. You have As10s or nothing here. Malone makes an absurdly tight fold with the 2nd nut flush, getting great odds to call. To repeat myself from earlier, just WTF? Why bother calling the turn if he plans to fold the river when he hits his draw?

    This hand made my head hurt. All 3 bots were setting money on fire with the way they played. It was bizzaro-world poker, where everything was the opposite of what it should be. Maybe I'm totally wrong here though because I had a similar hand the other night in a cash game. I called the river shove with the 2nd nut-flush and he turned over a really sneaky full-house. He had pocket 3's on a 4Q3 flop in a raised pot. Turn 4 and river K. The 4 didn't scare me at all and he didn't 3-bet me so I ruled out QQ and KK. Oops :)

  • highfive

    Yes. Why call turn, hit your draw, then fold? ) Also Caro bot was smoking something. " oh i have nothing. I call." ???? It was a bizarro world hand.
    My guess is the bots even knew no one was dumb enough to donk jam bluff there. ( except me)
    Good hand to show that hands are analyzed without results in mind. All played poorly. I just happened to get the pot.
    Good analysis as usual.
    Thanks @1warlock

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