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So sorry. That was funny!


I always advocate raising with AA whatever the action in front except heads-up.
Went to lowest cash level. Set it up 2/5 blinds and to deal me AA utg every time. Then I limped each time for a 50 hand session.
I won $31 short of 20 buyins in 50 hands. Bahaha!
Basically only folded if i cbet and got raised
Twice on a monotone board or paired board.
So I apologize. Maybe limping AA has its place. @1warlock
Don't think i would have won as much if i raised 3x each time because even at the lowest level the villans morph into geniuses and fold to utg raises.
Maybe i'll try that next.


  • 1warlock
    edited April 2018

    Well then, what can we conclude from this? That limping AA is a good idea or that playing against passive-nits is like printing money? LOL

    Try playing the reverse strategy with the nut-low (7/2o) from UTG but raise every hand to 3.5-4x. C-bet every flop as you did with AA and only fold when raised. I'd be willing to bet you will show a good profit at the end of 50 hands in this scenario as well.

    Crank the bot aggression setting up to above-average and run both scenarios again and see what the results are. When opponents are too tight-passive its pretty hard to lose money against them. You can play many hands blind and still come out ahead. Sadly, we rarely get a table like this in real life.

    BTW, I ran the absolute sickest bluff the other night in an online MTT right before the bubble. I had 3-bet with 5/6s from the BTN to a lojack open and flopped an OESF draw. I had fired both streets and was left with a little more than a pot sized stack at the river. So, with 6-high on the river I thought of giving up and trying to limp to the cash but instead fired that 3rd barrel all-in. After tanking for a good while, he folded. Whew!

  • highfive

    Good bluff! You may have 3 barrel jammed a high pair so its good that you played your air jam the same way.
    Yeah. I did the same experiment at 6 max. I came away with a weakish 12.5 buyin win.) Got busted a couple times in the beginning with 2 pr from villan. Then got going and ended with 12.5 up.
    Noticed at 6 max if you limp, they 3 bet more. So at first was limp raising. Then adjusted to limp calling. Seemed to get more value limp calling and keeping their range wider.
    Going to post a hand. You wont believe what villan folded. Look for it.

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