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Full Size Screen Option for Poker Game

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Hi guys!

Love the site and it's been great getting in a lot of practice in the simulation poker game etc. One question for you though.....

Is it possible to make the poker game full screen?? I'm on a MacBook Pro if that helps. I didn't see an option to do so. It runs great, fast, smooth, etc. and I have the most current version of Adobe Flash installed.

Just was wondering if it would be possible to enlarge the screen (while playing) to a full HD screen that takes up the whole computer screen or at least the whole browser window. :) i.e. like YouTube etc.

If you could let me know how and if this is possible, that would be great! Thank you look forward to hearing from you.




  • AllenBlay

    Hi Matt,
    The graphics aren't really optimized to full screen, so it doesn't look great at that resolution. If you want to make it bigger, what I usually recommend is to use the browser zoom function. Then you can experiment and find which level of zoom provides the right mix of size and clarity for you. I think you'll find at full size some of the graphics look pixelated and it won't look as nice. But I do know some people who zoom in a bit to make it a little bigger.

    Glad you like the site,


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