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The upper hand (game)

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Board: Js Jd Qd Kd river to come. My hand: Kc 9h Computer hand: Ts Ks. So I was scored for an incorrect answer for not clicking on the TKs. Said it was favored over my hand 55%. But the hand is already a split pot no matter what comes on the river. Obviously this is not a serious matter. I'm not sure if you feel this needs to be fixed, just thought I'd let you know. You only need respond if you feel it necessary. Otherwise the site is great. Thanks.


  • pk506p

    Look again. There is a 4 outer you want to avoid :-)

  • AllenBlay
    edited April 2018

    Hi, @pk506 is sort-of correct. That hand is not a split pot all the time (only a little over 3/4 of the time in fact). There are more possibilities than just 4 that can end this with one of you winning. There are 7 outs for him and 3 for you. Go through the possible cards and think about what can happen.

    Thanks so much for posting this. I'm really glad you did because it shows the value of this Upper Hand game. You would be surprised by how many emails I get about errors in either who won the chips in the main training game or errors in The Upper Hand about which hand was favored. I can only imagine that for every person who notifies me, there are 10 others who are thinking it but don't ever say anything. Up to this point, we have never found an error in the game, and every time it is a case of misreading the board, misreading a card in an opponent's hand, or missing a possibility for outs. I don't expect to find errors in the game because the algorithm we use is mathematical and is the same one used in any online poker or similar software.

    No matter how good I think I am with poker math and seeing the board, I still find I make mistakes reading the board, calculating odds, etc. No matter how careful I am I find myself making mistakes in the Upper Hand game, especially when I try to do it fast.

    Thanks again, this is a good discussion and I can assure you that you are in very good company here. There have been many top pros looking shocked after misreading a board on TV. It happens to everyone:

  • kamojettk

    Wow and I thought I double checked my take on that hand. Lesson learned. Next time triple check. Thanks for the responses guys. Good call pk506!

  • pk506p

    Wow... tricky one! Guilty as well of not looking it over carefully enough!

    Thanks @AllenBlay for the slap on the back of the head!

    I remember that Ivey fold. He laughed it off afterward, he went pretty deep that year despite that little hiccup. Never a bad idea to recheck your hand and board before mucking.

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