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Early in tournament - Trips vs. Full house



I was in a friendly weekly tournament in my poker club. Buy in is 50 USD. Starting chip - 2500.

SB-BB: 20-40

I have A4 suited heart and in SB position. UTG raised 3BB at 60. Everyone called. I called and BB called as well. We have 9 players in a hand.

Flop: K 4 4 (no heart, 3 different types).

I checked on the flop as I want to trap people. Everyone checked.

Turn: K 4 4 - 8

I checked again. The original raiser (UTG) bet 60. UTG+1 called, UTG+2 raised to 200. Everyone folded. Only me and UTG called.

River: K 4 4 - 8 - Q

I bet 600 into the pot of around 1200. UTG folded. The UTG+2 re-raised to 1200. Keep in my that we both had 2500 as starting. We both commited to the pot (more than 50% of our stacks)

I was really thinking, and actually I had thought he hit 2 pairs such as K8 or KQ.

So, I called. He showed 88 and won the hand with a FH.

What do you think? Shall I fold on the river when he re-raised me?

P.S.: As I said I put him at 2 pairs, for a second, I thought of shove-in on his re-raise. But it is quite early in the tournament, so I decided just to call him.


  • rainmaker314

    You should have folded or raised pre-flop. Since you called, when you hit the flop that hard, you should have bet 1/2 to full pot and been happy taken the 13.5 BB. That is better then the EV of AA. To trap in that spot you would need KK or 44. When the 8 hit the turn and there was that much action, calling would no longer be in my playbook. It would be fit or fold. My whole stack is going in there on the turn or I am folding.

  • 1warlock
    edited April 2018

    I'm going to agree with @rainmaker314 about action post-flop. With 9 players in the pot and you hitting a monster, get money in there ASAP. Trapping is ok in certain spots but not in this situation. You need to start building the pot, denying equity and thinning the field. That 88 hand may not even see the turn if you had fired. Do not try to trap with less than the absolute nuts when the field is this large.

    Now, once you start seeing aggression on a paired board with a big field, bottom FH becomes almost a bluff-catcher. 2 pair isn't going wild in this spot. After the turn raise by UTG+2 I would have called. You can make an argument for putting in a raise in that spot but what do you do if he shoves on you? Could you fold? No hand worse than yours comes over the top so you would have to fold to a shove, IMO. As played, I would not have led on the river, just looked to call down a reasonable bet.

  • dinormitd

    Yes. I re-think of this hand. I think you both are right.

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