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Why fold?

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Similar situation.


  • lumberjackl

    I’m confused as to why this questionable pre-flop?

  • highfive

    APT likely thinks you shouldn't open KJs here. I don't mind although its a lite open.
    Then its a fold to a 3bet. Villan min 3bets an early raiser. He doesn't want hero to fold he's so strong.
    For you What 3bet are you ahead of? KTs?
    BtW Villan still 3bet after your massive 6x open. STRONG!
    Snap fold.

  • 1warlock
    edited April 2018

    If you are going to open wide, decrease your opening raise sizes. I have no problem opening wide but if you do, you must realize that many of your hands cannot continue vs 3-bets. In order not to toss large chunks of your stack away, reduce your initial sizing to 3-3.5BB from EP and 2.5-3BB from MP through the button. Another advantage to opening smaller is that sometimes you will be able to continue vs the 3-bet.

    Edited to add: How would you honestly rate your post-flop play? Unless you are better than average by a good margin, you don't want to be opening hands that can cause you mountains of trouble. Can you fold top pair or do you stack off with it? Can you steal pots? Only you can answer how you rate yourself post-flop. The better your skills are vs your opponents, the wider selection of hands you can play.

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