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Size of Raise when opening


I typically raise about 2.2 bb when I am first to act - APT routinely advised coming in for about 3.5 bbs - I find that I buy the blinds just as often with 2.2 bb bet as with a 3.5 bb bet so why risk more than necessary. What do others think?


  • 1warlock

    Optimal opening sizes vary widely across structures, stages, stack depths and player pools . Cash game or tournament? Full-ring or short handed? A table of experts or of calling-station fish?

    I don't think any 1 answer is possible for the question you asked. However, the general concept you brought up about betting the minimum required to get the job done is an excellent one. Taking this approach to whatever game you find yourself in will help you find the correct sizing for that game.

  • dhirigoyd

    Works with APT but I can tell you it will not work in a live 1/2 NL cash ring game at the local casino. If you play that way you'll find yourself playing AQ against 4 other players. 1warlock is right, it depends, and you'll have to adjust.

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