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Playing A J o UTG


This is at the low end of my range but I will open this for a raise UTG but APT won't play it. Do others find this odd?


  • highfive

    I'll assume you mean 9 max. 6 max its a standard open. Across multiple starting hand range sources, AJo is a fold. Not surprised its a fold on APT since teaches tight poker. In this case, it's correct.
    If you open it and get 3bet, it's a fold because you are behind almost all value bet 3bet ranges.

    Being Utg, a multiway pot is a risk at lower levels. AK doesn't play well multiway. Neither does AJo.
    Thru the experience of losing pots, I eliminated AJo from my UTG opening range. I still open Ajs but i play it as a suited A not as a monster.
    9 max fold
    6 max standard open
    HU likely stack off up to 100 bigs

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