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Hopefully someone can answer ....

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hi ! hopefully someone can answer this easy question for beginners. i see on hand ranges sheet says "T8s+,97s+,..." opening range on middle position for example . can someone explain what 97s/o + or T8+ means ? like one Gapper or Two ?

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  • pgearan

    Welcome! Hope your poker journey ends up a good one.

    The specific holdings you cite do stand for one-gapped hands. When there is an "s" those are suited and an "o" those are offsuit. The "+" means all of those similar combinations starting at that hand and above. So for example, 97s+ represents all one-gapped suited hands with a value of 97 or above, so: 97s, T8s, J9s, QTs, KJs, and AQs.

    If it was a two-gap range it would be something like 96o - so all unsuited two-gapped hands 96 and above: 96o, T7o, J8o, Q9o, KTo, and AJo.

    Let us know if you have anymore questions about the shorthand used on the site!

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